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quinta-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2014


Why is life such a sea of expectation? Why do human being always expect something? Why do i expect? Such a dull way to start a opus, however it's the way i do feel sometimes. But if i'm alowed, i'll tell you about a little advice that, although my short experience, i take very serious for myself and that it does help me get over this.
What is life without dream and expectations? How can you live and have nothing to fight for? This is how i deal with it.
It starts with weariness and annoyance. I can assure that feeling like that is the stairway to imagination, to the scenario of your live. And "BAM!" you start to wonder, to imagine yourself in a completly diferent situation and the next step is "why am i here, why can't i accomplish that?"... Dear frient, i'll tell you why. Most people just sit there waiting for it to fall from the tree, while me i get up, i climb the tree and i get the best apple. Well, yes sometimes i do fall, and yes it hurts like hell... But you know what? The best part is that i get to recover, i gain callus and i get a brand new chance to get the apple.
I agree that sitting on the sofa, staying low, in the shadow it's much more easy, but there is no fight, no joy on that.
I expect to be a better person, i expect to be the best at what i do, i expect to meet the perfect match, i expect to travel, i expect a great career... Go on, mark an objective, target it, aim right at the midle and shoot! It take's practice, you are not born with the capability and more important, you have to fail to enjoy the most of your triumphs, you have to fall so you learn how to balance, you have to lose so you can become humble about your wins.
So dream, fight. You know that nothing in live is easy, you know that there always be obstacles, but in the end, if you really get to the target, if you get to win, you will be so proud of yourself, you will be so glad, and then you'll think "This is what i fight for, this is the taste of never give up, this is me, what i actually craved for".
Please belive me, it's not God that will make you a better person, it's not faith that will get you there, it's you. Belive in all you want, but first you need to belive in what you can do, it's not because you pray. If it makes you happy, go for it, but it's hard work and willpower mixed with honesty, love and respect.          Well i don't know if it's defect or character, i have lot's of problems in processing things in grey, usually i see black or white, im too dispassionate, meaning that i only fight for what i want 100%, and you can bet, i get it. I might be an extreme case, but i think that if you can have the best of a perfect amount of sensibility and coldness, you will acquire everything you wish for, and have a superb life.
Be chanceful and you will see im right. Don't expect good things to just make their own way towards you, because they need a magnet.

Thank you for reading this crapy life advice!
Joana Cancelinha Pereira